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Family Business

Since the founding of Uview Inc. in 2020 the company has been run as family business. Since David had the basic idea, he's been lucky to have help from his brothers and girlfriend, who fortunately have complementary skills and have contributed tremendously to the development of the Uview system. 

David Hill

Inventor, Founder & CEO
Profile picture of David Hill.

As the inventor of the Uview, I am the founder and CEO of the company. Design, development and testing, editing videos, building website, organising manufacturers etc. The driving force of the team who splitts my time between bringing the Uview to market and working as a Sustainability Consultant with focus on certifications, LCA and LCC calculations.
Lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Michelle Selsner

Camerawoman, Model, Assistant
Profile picture of Michelle Selsner.

In charge of camera angle and filming the Uview system, Michelle helps out when on the road. Puts up with Davids antics and gives valued input. 

Preschool teacher.
Lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Richard Hill

Product Development, CAD
Profile picture of Richard Hill.

Richard is an engineer who works as a product developer at the largest consultancy firm in Sweden, and is an expert in Computer Aided Design. Together with David, Richard is in charge of the CAD-model of the connector, and has also contributed with many ideas in the development of the system. 
Lives in Jönköping, Sweden.

Thomas Hill

Product Development, Tailor of Hiking Equipment 
Profile picture of Thomas Hill.

Thomas is a outdoor enthusiast who sews his own hiking equipment, such as backpacks and dry bags. Together with David, Thomas helped develop and then sewed the prototypes of the pole attachment system. 
Lives in Vårgårda, Sweden.

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