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  • Does the UVIEW work with any hiking poles? Skiing poles?
    No, the Grip Tubes in the Connector do not work with all pole tips. If you aren’t buying hiking poles from our website you need to make sure your hiking poles work with the Grip Tubes you choose. Measure the length and width of the tips of your hiking poles and compare to the measurements chart for Grip Tubes, found as images here. The poles also need to have relatively small (or no) baskets. The basket is the part right above the tip of the pole, the part that would stop a pole from going to deep in to snow. If the baskets of your poles are to big they will collide when putting your poles in the Connector, thus the second pole won’t be able to go in far enough for a good grip in the Connector. The diameter of the baskets should not exceed approximately 5 cm, depending on how far up the pole they are.
  • Is it easy to use the UVIEW?
    There is a bit of a learning curve with the UVIEW. How to set it up, get the right angle, not bump in to things and so on. But after a while of using it you'll learn these things, get a feeling for it, and eventually the UVIEW becomes like a part of you. You'll realise that aiming the camera slightly above the backpack when holding up the system gives the angle of your head in the middle. For Hands Free Mode you'll automatically move your hips forward a little to duck the camera under branches. It will become like a third arm or leg.
  • Will it really withstand whatever it’s exposed to?
    The Connector, made by robust TPU and stainless steel screws, should withstand most things. The TPU used is slightly flexible, so it will bounce of most things (I’d be more worried about the camera). The Paracord rope, designed for parachutes, is very strong. The Hip-Grip System is made from tear proof fabric and should withstand a lot of usage. The three weakest points (besides the camera) would be the stitching of the Hip-Grip, the Adhesive Mount (if the adhesive let’s go) and the aluminum hook on the connector (which is a safety aspect, in certain emergency cases it would be good if this breaks).
  • What is the biggest risk with using the UVIEW?
    The biggest risk (Risk = Likelihood × Impact) I've been able to think of is this: You walk up to a cliff edge without railing, look down, enjoy the view, and then turn around to walk back. Only problem, there was someone standing next to you that you either didn't notice, or you forgot you were wearing the UVIEW (since you barely notice it, you could forget). So when you turn around you knock them with the camera so they stumble and fall, which is bad enough in itself, but worst case they grab ahold of you and pull you down with them. So, HUGHE WARNING! Be very aware of your surroundings when wearing the UVIEW! Especially of other people and in particular near cliffs. When near a cliff or talking face to face with someone, check surroundings and then back away a few steps before turning around.
  • Why hiking poles? Wouldn’t people rather use something else, like dedicated poles?
    After thinking about this a lot I’ve come to the conclusion that hiking poles are not only a great option, but the best option, in my opinion. Think about it. What qualities would you want in a pair of poles for a UVIEW system? They should be about 120-140 centimeters, and adjustable in length. They should be robust and durable. They should be light weight and foldable, fit in your backpack. Preferably they should have a comfortable grip for when using Quick Setup Mode, when you hold the poles in your hands. If it’s something you often bring along anyway, that would be great. Extra functions, as hiking poles and tent poles, are bonuses. So, if I was to design dedicated UVIEW poles, they would probably be a mixture of two selfie sticks and a pair of hiking poles, but without the extra functionality of actually working as hiking poles. Instead of spending time developing such poles, I figured I might as well take advantage of the fact that there already are many great options on the market. Plus for people who already own a pair of hiking poles, it would save them some money (as long as the tips fit the Connector or one of our Grip Tubes).
  • What hiking poles would you recommend?
    Of course this depends on your needs. Is light weight most important? Robustness? Size when packed? The poles I've liked and used the most are foldable poles (so they stow away easy, even in 20L daypacks) which can be adjusted in height (different activities with UVIEW can require slightly varying pole length), that are relatively light weight and have comfortable cork grips. They should have small (or no) baskets so the baskets don’t get in the way of each other when in the Connector. With the current selection of Black Diamond Hiking Poles available on our website my choice would fall on the Pursuit FLZ Hiking Poles, found here, as these fullfil all the above criteria and are a pair of high quality poles. If you're very observant you might have noticed that the hiking poles I use in many of the pictures/videos are black (unlike the Pursuit FLZ). This is because I'm using a pair of Black Diamond Alpine FLZ with a 38mm Trekking Baskets, which in the 2023 Black Diamond Collection were replaced with the Pursuit FLZ. The Pursuit FLZ are an improved version of the same pole, just different color and now with Trekking Baskets. For me, a pair of great hiking poles are a must, as I use them so much. Besides using them for the UVIEW system I also use them for hiking (obviously) and as tent stakes. So I get 5 in 1 with my hiking poles (counting also Tripod and Selfie Stick).
  • Isn't the rope in the way, ruining the video?
    First of, the rope is quite thin (although strong), so it doesn't take up much of the screen real estate. The small part of the screen the rope does cover is over you back or backpack, not the actual view. If you use rope and backpack in the same color the rope basically blends in with the background. It's our intention to sell rope in different colors so you can choose one that matches your backpack.
  • What does FLZ stand for?
    The “FL” in the labeling of the Black Diamond FLZ trekking poles stands for “Flick Lock”, which is the locking mechanism that allows for height adjustability. You could think of it as "Flexible Length", as this is what it accomplishes. The "Z" is the shape that the collapsible poles form when being folded.
  • Hiking Pole Tip Fit List - What Hiking Pole tips do the Connectors work with?
    Below is a list of Hiking Poles that fit the 3D UL Connectors and the Medium Grip Tubes that the 3D Click-In Connector comes with. The ones with only a question mark haven't been tried IRL, but in pictures look like the right size. Some say "To fat?" and these look a little to large in pictures, but we need confirmation of this. If you have any of these poles with a question mark or "To fat?", or any other pole not in the list, and can confirm if they work or not (preferably IRL), please let me know. For measurement instructions see below. Together we can remove all question marks! Black Diamond Alpine Series - Great fit Pursuit Series - Great fit Trail Series - Great fit Traverse Pro - Works, but not perfect fit Silva Trekking Poles Series - Great fit Walking Poles Series - Great fit EX Pole Series - Great fit McKinley Impulse Alu - Great fit Impact Adj. Alu - Great fit Mackenzie Folding Poles - Great fit Asaklitt Walking Poles Leki (most Leki poles seem to have the same tip) Khumbu Poles Series - Great fit Evotrail FX One TA - Great fit Cressida FX Carbon Series - Great fit Makalu FX Carbon - Great fit Legacy - Great fit Voyager - Great fit Black Series Carbon - Great fit Legend Series - Great fit Civetta Series - Great fit Sherpa Series - Great fit Lhasa - Great fit Black Series FX Carbon - To fat? Leki Jannu FX TA - To fat? MSR Dynalock Ascent Series - ? Dynalock Explore - ? Dynalock Trail - ? C.A.M.P. Carbon Mix - ? Megasonic - ? Backcountry Bamboo - ? Urberg (all poles seem to have the same tip) Classic Hiking Pole Series - ? Trekking Pole Series - ? Cascade Mountain Tech (all poles seem to have the same tip) Trekking Poles Series - ? REI Co-op Traverse - ? Alpkit (all poles seem to have the same tip) Compact Hiker - To fat? Alpine Trail - To fat? Nanolite Pole - To fat? Carbonlong Backpacker - To fat? Carbon Marathon Ultra - To fat? Trekology Trek-Z 2.0 - To fat? Stoic Easy Trail - To fat? Gossamer Gear LT5 - To fat? Measurement Instructions The 3D UL Connector and Medium Grip Tubes are designed for the Black Diamond Flex Tech Tips, which is what all the Black Diamond poles we (will) retail on this website use. But not all Black Diamond poles on the market use these tips. They do not work with the BD Distance Series, Trail Back, Trail Sport, Trail Explorer or First Strike. The BD poles we retail and the ones mentioned above are from the BD Spring 2023 collection. For older BD Poles, makes sure the tips look like the tips of the poles we retail, with the correct measurements. The BD Flex Tech Tips have looked the same for many years (as far as I know). The Grip Tubes for the Black Diamond Flex Tech Tips are 9,0 mm at A/C1 and 9,7 mm at B, with approximately 50 mm in between A and B. If your hiking pole tips are close to these measurements, they should fit.
  • What's your Warranty?
    In the event of a defect or failure of the product during regular use Antlion Audio will either supply replacement parts or supply a new unit to fix the unit. Customer is responsible for return shipping in all cases except for defects found within 30 days or special circumstances. Is there a problem with the product? We offer a 1 (one) year warranty on all our products. When we receive a valid warranty claim for a product purchased from us, we have the unilateral right to decide to either repair or replace the product. If we are unable to repair or replace the product within a reasonable time, the customer will be entitled to a full refund upon the prompt return of the product to us. We will be responsible for return shipment of defect products to us and pay for shipment of repaired or replaced products to customer. To initiate a warranty claim, please reach out to us on the website chat or email us at
  • What are your Terms & Conditions?
    Please see our Terms & Conditions Policy here.
  • Risk-Free Guarantee, what's your Return and Refund Policy?
    If you don’t think your UVIEW captures awesome videos/pictures, we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee, including free return shipping. This means it's risk-free to try it out! You can take the UVIEW for a spin at home (or we rather recommend outside your home) and get the feel of it, and if you don't like the system for any reason (too light weight? too easy to use? camera angle too epic?) we have free return shipping, and you'll get a full refund. This applies for any undamaged products in mint condition (some tips are to use clean hiking poles, not cut the rope until you're sure you want to keep it and try the UVIEW angle in an open space, not a dense forrest, to minimize the risk of bumping in to things). To initiate a return, please reach out to us on the website chat or email us at to receive a return shipping slip. Then simply return the product with its included accessories and the original packaging along with the receipt within 30 (thirty) days of the date when you received the product, and we will exchange it or offer a refund based upon the original payment method. The refund will be returned within 14 days of cancellation or when we have received the product, whichever occurs later.
  • What is your Privacy Policy?
    Please see our Privacy Policy here.
  • Are taxes included?
    Prices indicated on our website includes VAT which will apply to all orders delivered within the EU. The percentage of VAT will be dependent on what EU country the order will be delivered to, according to the new EU VAT rules from 1 July 2021 to Cross-border VAT e-commerce. Please see the EU website VAT - One Stop Shop for more information. For orders to be delivered outside of the EU VAT is not included. You as a customer understand and acknowledge that you are fully responsible for any and all local taxes, duties and other fees that may apply in your country for the import of goods and which you may be required to pay upon the goods entering your country. Orders under $800 to the US are free of duty and taxes, if imported by one person on one day, according to Section 321, 19 USC 1321.
  • Why is it more expensive for me outside the EU, since I will have to pay VAT upon import on top of the price that EU costumers pay that includes VAT?
    This is due to how WIX have structured their WIX Web Shop. In Sweden (and some other EU countries) there is a law that mandates that VAT is included in the price shown to costumers, so therefore we are not allowed to add VAT at Check Out. WIX has not added a function to remove VAT from the price if shipping to certain countries. They also don't allow the small text under the price that says "VAT/Sales Tax Included" to be removed for countries where no VAT is collected. They don't even allow us to change that text to something like "VAT Included within the EU*". Since the VAT must be included in the price unfortunately everyone has to pay the same price as Swedes. I have been in contact with WIX about this but I have no idea when they will do something about it. They have been aware of this problem since at least 2019, but haven't done anything yet, judging by this post: If you live outside the EU and want to purchase our products without paying EU VAT, please politely let WIX know about this problem. If enough people complain, maybe something will be done about it. Any other solution suggestions would also be appreciated.
  • Do I need to pay customs (and tax) upon import to my country?
    Outside the EU yes. Within the EU no (no customs within EU and VAT is included in the price for EU countries). Orders under $800 to the US are free of duty and taxes, if imported by one person on one day, according to Section 321, 19 USC 1321.
  • Where in the world can the UVIEW be delivered?
    The UVIEW can be delivered to most of the world. We work with a logistics contractor who in turn work with several shipping companies who combined should serve most countries.
  • Why is VAT included for EU countries and not outside the EU?
    We sell from Sweden, within the EU. Within the EU VAT must be included. For countries outside the EU VAT, customs and possible other taxes and charges will be added upon import. It would be very complicated for our small company to include all these charges for all the countries in the world and to make sure the right amount of taxes etc. was payed in to the respective countries government.
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