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Capture Epic Moments, Win an Equal Share

Circle with a number 1.

Grab a Uview System to participate. 

Capture epic moments on your action camera from the Uview angle or of the Uview system in action, then submit your best unedited, raw video clips to us.





If your clip makes the cut, you’ll get an equal share of €10,000, distributed between the winning entrees. Capture your dance to the bank!


The challenge will be decided 6 months after the 1,000th Uview has been sold, so everyone has time to go out and film cool stuff. The earlier you grab your Uview, the more time you'll have. Once the 1,000th Uview has been sold an email will go out informing everyone that the Challenge Is On, and the last date to submit videos. Instructions of how to submit your video clips will be presented here and by email at a later date.



Raw Clips Only - No Music - Clear All Content Rights - Preferably 4K - No Crops - No Filters - Only footage with or of the Uview



Vivid Colors - Cool Activity - Stable Video - Beautiful Places - Correct Setup of Uview Angle

The winners of the competition will always have the option to receive a digital cash transfer in full, but can also be offered coupon codes or products from our store instead, or as part of the winnings.


We will not compensate for any transfer fees, taxes, customs, or any other expenses on top of the equal share of the €10,000 winnings.

Circle with a number 2.
Circle with a number 3.
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