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The Connector, the Foundation of the UVIEW-System. The Connector holds everything together; the Camera, the Hiking Poles and the Rope (not included) attached to your backpack/climbing harness/life jacket etc. The UVIEW 3D UltraLight Connector is the lightest one we've made yet, weighing only 30 grams or 1,1 oz, screw and hook included.


The Connector alone turns your hiking pole in to a Selfie Stick, but for Tripod and Handheld 3PV you also need Rope. For Handsfree 3PV you also need the Hip-Grips. For convenient storage and quick setup you need the Camera Bag. If you want all of these parts, check out the discounted Bundle


If you intend to use the Uview system for heavier cameras in Tripod Setup, this is the Connector we sugest. Together with the 1/4 Inch Adapter (not included) you can attach most cameras, including many 360 cameras. Add the Phone Mount to use your smartphone with the system.


The UL Connector is currently available in three colors (white, black & natural/transparent).


Designed and mostly produced in Sweden.

Uview 3D UL Connector

49,00 €Price
VAT Included
Connector Color
  • Material

    • The Connector is made of robust & flexible TPU
    • Aluminium Mini carabiner clip has never failed me


    • UL Connector, with short screw & hook: 30 grams / 1,1 oz
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