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The UVIEW 3D UltraLight Bundle enables you to film yourself with Handsfree UVIEW Angle (Third Person View), get an on the fly Tripod and Selfie Stick, utilising your hiking poles and backpack. Included in 3D UL Bundle:


Please see the individual product pages for more details.


If you intend to use the Uview system for heavier cameras in Tripod Setup, this is the Connector we sugest. Together with the 1/4 Inch Adapter (not included) you can attach most cameras, including many 360 cameras. Add the Phone Mount (not included) to use your smartphone with the system.


The UL Connector is currently available in three colors (white, black & natural/transparent)


Designed and mostly produced in Sweden.


Not Included: Hiking Poles, Camera, Backpack

Uview 3D UL Bundle

PriceFrom 99,00 €
VAT Included
Connector Color
  • Material

    • The Connector is made of robust & flexible TPU
    • Paracord (designed by the US army for parachutes) has a static capacity of 250kg
    • Dyneema is a increadably strong rope relative it's thickness and weight. Dyneema is the go to fabric for ultra light outdoor gear, the perfect choice for those counting grams or who want to minimize the visability of the rope in Uview video. 
    • Aluminium Mini carabiner clip has never failed me
    • Hip-Grip System produced with strong tear proof fabric
    • Camera bag made with protective Neoprene fabric


    • UL Connector, with short screw & hook: 30 grams / 1,1 oz
    • 5m Paracord, with line lock: 30 gram / 1,1 oz
    • 5m Dyneema Rope, with line lock: 15 grams / 0,5 oz
    • Pair of Hip-Grips: 69 grams / 2,4 oz
    • Camera Bag: 55 grams / 2 oz

    Uview UL Bundle with Dyneema, Sum = 169 grams / 6 oz

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