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The UVIEW 3D Click-In Bundle enables you to film yourself with the UVIEW angle (Third Person View), get an on the fly Tripod and Selfie Stick, utilising your hiking poles and backpack. The benefit of a 3D printed Connector is that we’ve cut weight by using a mesh with 50% infill, reducing the amount of material inside the walls/caverns without loosing strength. Included in 3D Bundle:


Please see the individual product pages for more details.


The Connector is currently available in three colors (white, natural & black) and also in a cheaper version which we call Zero Series. The Zero Series Connector are 100% functional, but were either produced before we settled on our current design (ex. logo on sides can be engraved and not coloured) and/or have small imperfections where the 3D printer messed upp (ex. black spots on white, imperfect lines etc.). All the Zero Series Bundles are mixed in a box at the logistics center, so you'll get whichever they happen to pick. They are all white or natural/transparent color, with black tubes. The quality is still great (I used one just like these during 3 months in South East Asia), just minor cosmetic details which make us not want to charge full price. There are only 35 Zero Series Connectors, total, and won't be any more (unless the 3D-printer screws up again).


Designed and mostly produced in Sweden.


WARNING! The Adhesive Mount is not made to carry the weight of a camera heavier than a action camera. If you want to use a camera heavier than a action camera, opt for the 3D UL Connector Bundle, which doesn't rely on a Adhesive Mount.


Not Included: Hiking Poles, Camera, Backpack

Uview 3D Click-In Bundle

PriceFrom 89,00 €
VAT Included

Click-In €30 Off!

Connector Color
  • Material

    • Connector & tubes are made of robust & flexible TPU

    • Held together with six stainless steel screws

    • Paracord (designed by the US army for parachutes) has a static capacity of 250kg

    • Aluminium Mini carabiner clip has never failed me

    • Hip-Grip System produced with strong tear proof fabric

    • Camera bag made with protective Neoprene fabric



    • 3D Click-In Connector ≈ 90 gram

    • Hip-Grip System (pair) ≈ 71 gram

    • 10 Meter Paracord ≈ 59 gram => 3 m ≈ 18 gram

    • Camera Bag ≈ 58 gram

    • Total: ≈ 237 grams



    • Connector ≈ 6,8x5,3x3,6 cm (hight with Adhesive Mount)

    • Hip-Grip System, bag dimensions ≈ 10x7,5 cm

    • Camera Bag, flatt ≈ 17x15 cm

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