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3D printed Grip Tubes that fit in the UVIEW 3D Connector. Choose the correct size to make sure the tips of your hiking poles fit snuggly in the Connector. Great Fit = Stable Video. A great fit is when you can push in the poles so they stick in the tubes without falling out and the Connector can't shake. This makes for an overall better experience of using the UVIEW (no poles falling out during setup or shaky activity). The tubes are made of robust but slightly flexible TPU, which allows the to grip your poles. 



Small = Adaptable Grip Tubes

Medium = Black Diamond Grip Tubes

Large = Large


Designed and produced in Sweden.


To change Grip Tubes you need a 2,5 mm Hex Key. Great if you have one! If not, you can buy it here. Country of orgin: France.


Not Included: UVIEW Connector

Grip Tubes

SKU: 217537123517253
PriceFrom 2,00 €
VAT Included
  • Material

    • Made of robust & flexible TPU


    • Weight of pair ≈ 4 gram


    • Of one tube ≈ 5,3x1,2 cm


    Please note: There might be small changes (for the better) of how the final product looks compared to the pictures. Pictures and measurements are of prototypes, not the exact final product.

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