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5 meters of Rope with Line Lock. We have two options, Paracord which is a little thicker, heavier and cheaper and Dyneema which is a little thiner, lighter and more expensive. 


For one UVIEW setup you need approximatly 3-4 meters of rope, so you'll have spare rope to make loops you can put on your backpack through which the long rope for the system can travel. Since you probably want to leave the rope on your backpack once it's in place, this 5 meter bundle with line lock lets you set up the UVIEW on an additional backack or other attachments like a Belt, Life Jacket or Climbing Harness.


Paracord is a strong rope designed for parachutes and ideal for the UVIEW-system if you're on a budget. Any leftover Paracord can be made in to a bracelet, lanyard or many other things (you can find a lot of inspiration on Youtube). 


Dyneema is a increadably strong rope relative it's thickness and weight. Dyneema is the go to fabric for ultra light outdoor gear, the perfect choice for those counting grams or who want to minimize the visability of the rope in Uview video. 


We currently only have rope in Black.


Inludes one light weight line lock fiting the respective rope.


Produced in China.  

5m Rope with Line Lock

PriceFrom 9,00 €
VAT Included
  • Paracord

    • Designed by the US army for parachutes.
    • Has a breaking strength approx. of 250kg.
    • Woven rope with 7 inner threads.
    • Diameter approx. 3-4 mm.
    • Paracord ≈ 6 grams/meter => 3 m ≈ 18 gram

    Dyneema Rope

    • Known as stronger than steel, more versatile than nylon, and light as a feather, Dyneema is basically a Sci-Fi fabric. 
    • Has a breaking strength approx. of 200kg.
    • Inner core of 12 woven strands of Dyneema, covered with braided 16-thread Polyester.
    • Diameter 2 mm.
    • Dynema Rope ≈ 2,7 grams/meter => 3 m ≈ 8 gram
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