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UVIEW Intro Series - Part 1

Walkthrough of System, Included Parts, Hiking Pole Tip Fit and Backpack Requirements.

If you have questions about Hiking Pole fit or if your Backpack will work with the system, we suggest you watch this Part 1 of the 5-Part UVIEW Intro Series before buying the Uview.


Welcome to Part 1 of the UVIEW Intro Series, were we'll walkthrough of System in detail, have a look at the different parts and Hiking Pole & Backpack Requirements.

I'm David Hill, the inventor of the UVIEW and founder of the company.

Walkthrough of System

So, this is what the system looks like. And the parts that you need for this are the UVIEW Connector that connects the camera, the rope and the Hiking Poles. You need your own Hiking Poles. You also need a Backpack or something to attache it to (like a climbing harness or life jacket). It's great to have a Camera Bag attached to your shoulder strap, because then you can set upp the system quickly and take it down and stor the camera here, with the rope still attached. The rope with a Line Lock is also one of the requirements. Then the Hip-Grips are great if you want to use the system in Handsfree Mode for activities like climbing, kayaking or skiing. For hiking you can hold the poles in your hands, which works great since it's so quick to set up the system.

Included Parts

Here’s what’s included in our Uview Bundle and two Add-Ons I would recommend. First the connector which we have in two versions, the Click-In version where you can change the tubs to fit more divergent pole sizes, and this new Ultra Light one with screw and hook included. Then we have 5 meter rope with a line lock. The Hip-Grip pair enable Handsfree 3PV and have right and left marked. Then the camera bag which allows you to set up the Uview Angle without taking of your backpack by hooking it to your shoulder strap and threading the chest strap through the loop.

This 1/4 inch Mount is a great and cheap add-on that lets you connect basically any camera, and this Phone mount works seamlessly with Tripod Setup, so I recommend you might as well get both of these straight away.

Hiking Pole Tip Fit

I also want to show you the Hiking Pole Tip Fit list under Frequently Asked Questions where you can see what poles we've tested with the Connector. There are of course many poles we haven't tried, either not in the list or marked with a question mark which means we think might they might work based on product pictures of the Hiking Poles where they seem to have the right design. My hope is that we all together can help out to fill in the list. So if you have a pair of hiking poles either with a question mark or that arn't on the list, please measure the width of the tips before buying and compare with this measurement chart. If they are close in dimensions they will probably fit, as the Connector is made in a strong and slightly flexible material. We've designed the Connector to fit the Black Diamond Flex Tech Tips, pictured here, that we think is a relatively common and medium size. If your pole tips are longer and thinner like this one, it could still work, but they will stick out at the back.

Backpack Requirements

Okey, Backpack Requirements. There's really only one important requirement, and that is that you have a hip belt, where your Hip-Grip can attach. It shouldn't be to wide of a hip belt, because then the Hip-Grip might not reach around. It's also good if the backpack isn't to fat, because then your hiking poles will push against the backpack. You also need somewhere to attach the hook on the Hip-Grip, so the Hip-Grip and hiking poles don't slide forward. But since it's a backpack we're talking about, they should have shoulder straps where you can attach the hook. It's also good if the backpack has somewhere to tie down the rope on the shoulder straps, and great if there's somewhere to thread the rope through approximately by your shoulders. Most backpacks made for hiking have a lot of things going on where you can tie and thread the rope, and if not, you can make your own loops with the extra rope you get (you get 5m, only need about 4m for Uview Angle).

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