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March 2018

Basic Idea

First Prototyp

First Field Test

Nov 2020

Company Founded

Contact with Manufacturers

Nov-Dec 2022

Website Built

Product Design Finalised

April-May 2023

Product Launch & Pre-Orders

Aug-Sep 2023

Parts Delivered

Final Quality Check




Field Tests 



July-Aug 2022

Quit Regular Job, UVIEW Full Time

Patent & Reg Filed

Jan-April 2023

Travel; New Photos, Videos & Product Test

Editing Adverts

Landing Page Built

June-July 2023

Manufacturing Begins

Quality Checks


Est. Oct 2023

Shipping to Costumer!

Estimated shipping: October 2023

The UVIEW Launch Plan

Progress of UVIEW-Project. Sign Up for updates and Pre-Sale Discount in inbox.

Current Status, 31th of May:


We launched a Early Adopter Campaign looking for testers of the UVIEW, offering the UVIEW Prototype Basic Bundle at 50% Discount, saving you 90€ of the retail price 179€. The Prototype Basic Bundles is the same as the regular Basic Bundle, except it ships with a 3D printed Connector so that we can start shipping now instead of waiting till October.


UVIEW available for Pre-Orders with 20% Early Bird Discount.


Full scale Manufacturing will start in June and take approximately 2-3 months, during which we'll quality check the initial line-up and make any necessary modifications. We estimate that the slowest parts will be delivered to us in full after 4-5 months. After another quality control, we'll deliver the finished products to our distribution center. From here, we anticipate that packages can be delivered to customers within days, or a couple of weeks at most.


Shipping is estimated to start around October. While we're ambitious to start shipping earlier, we recognise there might be unforeseen complications along the way.


Parallel to the above timeline, we're looking for YouTubers who would like to try out the UVIEW and make a review. If you're one of them, please contact us!

Check out our Landing Pages for a concise intro to the UVIEW: Landing Page 1 or Landing Page 2.

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